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Ensure your project is a success with accurate topographic surveys from Central Survey, LLC. Our dedicated team of land surveyors has been serving Chicago, Illinois, for more than 95 years.

Land Surveys

All surveys start out as a land survey. The minimum requirements for these show a closed boundary and all improvements up to and including the adjacent properties within 3' to 5'. Improvements include buildings, additions, walks, patios, and fences.


Staking can be added to the survey. This is done by physically documenting the boundary corners of the property with iron pipes, rods, or other markers or by using reference marks placed in a concrete walk or curb on or near a boundary corner.


Topography can be added to either survey. This is performed in relation to an established benchmark or assumed elevation. Ground elevations are taken on a grid layout generally up to and including a 25' perimeter outside the property and to the center of the street. All visible utilities with necessary invert elevations are also included.

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